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so many Functional Medicine Nashville services are going to be available with Art of Healing, so make sure that you find something that is going to be beneficial to your health journey. We have plenty of testimonials and reviews that are going to show patients love everything we can do for them so we know that we can give you the best results. If you’d like to see how it works, then all you have to do is go online to our website or reach out to those professionals and we will be able to break it down.

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ask our Functional Medicine Nashville professionals at Art of Healing about the genomic interpretation that we have available. This is going to be a process of analyzing as well as understanding the information that is carried within your body. We study the individual’s genome and it is going to come with a complete set of genetic material also known as DNA. to see what presents itself in your organism’s Cells, see all the different treatments that we can do today to carry out the instructions for developing, functioning, and see what types of traits your organism has. We know that you will love our genomic interpretation.

When you involve our Functional Medicine Nashville practitioners from the Art of Healing in your health journey, you will be able to receive several benefits that you will not get from any other clinic. For instance, we can give you genome sequencing which is going to be the first step in genomic interpretation. find out more information about this that is going to help determine the order of nucleotides you have in your DNA. Those nucleotides are a, t, c, and g. We want to make sure that we can use a variety of techniques that are going to be based on what is suitable for you.

use our Functional Medicine Nashville tools and treatments at Art of Healing when you are looking to hold them sequencing as well as the opportunity for us to Target sequencing of specific regions. Let us know what those regions of Interest are for you and we will make sure that we can give you the same type of services that 23andMe and Ancestry is doing for you. If you would like variant identification, then understand that we can do this as well. We sequence The genome and then we identify and catalog different genetic variations.

see the type of variance that is within your genome whenever you come to our healing today. There could be many different variants that include single and nucleotide polymorphisms also known as SNPS. they’re going to also be insertions, deletions, and even structural rearrangements. The next step to this type of interpretation is going to be variant annotation and this is going to help us identify the variance and determine their potential functional impact. Every human has a different type of impact and that is going to compare to databases and reference sequences that we have to understand their association.

find out more information about the Art of Healing as well as genes, genetic diseases, and other functional elements whenever you give us a call at the number 615-866-5269. We also have plenty of information available on our website app that is going to help you understand functional interpretation and their potential effects on your Gene function and protein structure. If you’d like to learn more about biological Pathways and genomic variance, then utilize the bioinformatics tools that we have within our clinic. We also have databases and scientific literature that are going to help assess the impacts of the variants you have on your health.