About Us

What makes Art of Healing different than other functional medicine Nashville medical clinics?

The Art of Healing is here to help you do a deep dive to discover the root cause(s) of your health problems. Our specialized training gives us the skills and knowledge to help you discover and understand gaps in your current health plan. Through specialized labs, such as genetic testing or brain mapping, we can help you choose the diet and lifestyle interventions that will optimize and excel your health at our highly rated and top reviewed functional medicine Nashville clinic.

Unlike the traditional medical/insurance model, which doesn’t allow health care providers to really spend time with their patients, we take the time to build a therapeutic relationship with YOU, to bring about true and lasting healing. Using a functional medicine lens, we see each patient as a unique individual with a unique history.

You CAN heal and we would love the opportunity to help you on that healing journey!

What is Our Mission at Art of Healing?

The mission is to create an atmosphere that will display resilience and that patients will be encouraged on their journey to excelling their health. We create an engaging patient atmosphere that emits peace and serenity at our functional medicine Nashville clinic. We will accomplish this by offering proven treatments that improve and heal body systems.

What core values do we uphold at Art of Healing?

We at the Art of Healing use Simplicity, Authentic, Integrity, and Devotion as our core values. We said you are valued and respected in our place of healing. Every service will be handled with competence and care for each patient.

Simplicity is embracing a straightforward and uncomplicated approach, minimizing complexity and unnecessary intricacies.

Authentic is maintaining integrity in actions and interactions with all clients.

Integrity involves a strong sense of personal and professional ethics, including qualities like honesty, transparency, accountability, and fairness.

Devotion: We are devoted to our patients to helping them excel their health

About The Art of Healing:

Deb York, the founder of The Art of Healing, established the organization in 2014. Initially focusing on mental health care, the organization expanded its services to incorporate functional medicine in 2018. Presently, The Art of Healing is in the process of transitioning towards a holistic care approach, placing emphasis on functional medicine. This shift signifies a move towards a more comprehensive and integrative healthcare model that considers the interconnected nature of various factors contributing to overall well-being. Our services encompass mental health care, including medication management, neurofeedback, and trauma therapy through EMDR. We also specialize in functional medicine for vaccine injury and optimizing health. Additionally, we offer nutritional IV therapy that incorporates ozone and ultraviolet light (O3UV) as well as NAD+. Lastly, we provide genetic interpretation services for individuals who have undergone genetic testing through companies such as 23andMe or Ancestry, aiding in the prevention of future illnesses.

Medical Services

We offer lab services as well as brain maps evaluating your brain waves. We want to optimize your ability to function. Lab companies include:

  • Boston Heart Labs
  • Genova Diagnostics
  • Precision Analytics
  • Brain Maps
  • Alletess (food sensitivities)
  • Rupa Health (multiple lab companies)


Supplement options



Meet your provider

Deb York, an APRN and IFMCP practitioner, was born and raised in New York City. During her first 12 years, she resided there before relocating to South Florida. At the age of 18, she joined the naval reserves and served as a hospital corpsman in a reserve unit for eight years. Following that, she pursued a nursing degree and successfully graduated in 1991. Deb worked as an RN in South Florida until 1997. After her divorce, she made the decision to move to Nashville, TN, a city she adored and considered her home.

In Nashville, Deb practiced nursing in various departments of the hospital, including critical care and the emergency room. She also engaged in a year of travel nursing in Washington and California. In 2004, she decided to further her education and eventually obtained a master’s degree in nursing and counseling by 2010. In 2011, she established her own practice.

The course of Deb’s life took a significant turn in 2016 when she experienced a myocardial infarction shortly after returning from her honeymoon. This event had a profound impact on her perspective of medicine. Feeling as though the doctors were pressuring her into a lifelong medication protocol, she sought alternatives. In 2018, she discovered functional medicine, which provided her with a renewed sense of hope. Deb began her training at the Institute of Functional Medicine, a renowned global organization, and achieved her certification in 2022.

During her leisure time, Deb enjoys the company of her loving husband, Dewayne, and their Jack Russell Boo. They engage in gardening and cooking together. The couple also shares a passion for diving and has explored numerous locations in the Caribbean. Furthermore, they actively contribute to their community as leaders in the homeless outreach ministry at Zeal Church.